Friday Night
Lyrics by Billy Hubbard

She starts alone on a Friday night
It takes all I can do not to put up a fight
So I saw im wrong when she knows im right
I walk away say goodnight

I can tell by the time she slams the door
Shes different than she was an hour before
But that’s nothing I can control
Addictions like a shovel and im like a hole

Nothing to do but weep for her
Nothing to do but dig deeper

Its kinda like sleep but its involuntary
And its kinda like a dream that’s erased from mem’ry
Shes kinda like somebody I used to love
And its kinda like a cancer deep inside of me
And its kinda like this every Friday night
Theres nowhere to go but I know I cant stay here
I cant stay here

It’s a little past one so I know I could go
If I wanted to and nobody would ever know
As long as I get back before the sun
But shes already gone so shes already won

And in the end she hasn’t done me any wrong
Shes just left me here writing another painful song
And happiness is just as good
So ill die a thousand deaths like a good poet should

And as long as I have something to say
People can come out and dance to my graves


Come Saturday morning its just
Nothing to her but lies
And truths ill never tell cuz I cant look into here eyes
The best part about a shovel is you can always dig a hole
And bury all your problems while you cover up your soul