The Noise
Author: Ray Padgett
Issue: #284
September 2008
pg. 36

...By the time the decidedly not-in-high-school
Forest Henderson comes on for the headlining
set, the floor is all but deserted.  Apparently
unfazed, the band’s set shows the advantage
their maturity gives them over the earlier groups,
playing as a tight unit comfortable enough to
tease and challenge each other without losing
focus.  Playing southern rock in the tradition of
Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Drive-By Truckers, the
band wears their influences on their sleeves,
copping Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” guitar riff
for a song titled “Tom Petty.”  They’re clear on
where they came from, but the music avoids being
labeled derivative.  High-energy and jumping, Billy
Hubbard’s soulful voice croons and yelps through
big choruses built for singing and fist-pumping along.
Though heavy on guitar solos, the instrumental
forays are never indulgent, the sprawling band
serving the tunes even at their most jammy. 
“We appeal to the over forty crowd,” Hubbard sings
as the empty room underscores the point, but the
high school upstarts should have stuck around to
learn a thing or two...   (Ray Padgett)